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Compassion implies empathy, the ability to empathize with someone else's distress.
Compassion also includes concern for the more vulnerable aspects of life, the vulnerable that is within each of us.

This work of art is created by Rini Hurkmans

2014 undafoundation


This video work Flag Twirler, part of the installation Homeland, Part V, shows how a flag twirler performs certain patterns from the ritualistic 'flag prayer' using the Flag of Compassion.
A 'flag prayer' is a specific way of twirling the flag accompanied by drumming, expressing the fight between good and evil.

Flag twirler: Mr. Engelen from Deurne, The Netherlands

The Flag of Compassion is a conceptual artwork that functions both within the field of the arts and in human society.

The work consists of an instrument –a flag–, a foundation with a board, and a distribution network including a website.


he Flag is a means to express the general human feeling of compassion independent of politics, legal causes, religion, race and gender.

The intention behind the design of the Flag of Compassion is to make it part of the ‘family of flags’. It speaks the ‘language’ of regular flags, those representing nations, institutions, corporations, events of all kinds. But the Flag also has artistic qualities that open the possibility of a new meaning. It functions as a symbol of an artistic idea that relates to a universal value: compassion. As such the Flag relates to all human beings.

The Flag of Compassion shows an undulating golden yellow horizontal bar, centrally placed in a white field. The white symbolizes purity, non-violence and peace. The golden yellow represents vital energy, warmth and compassion, as the positive forces of humanity.

The Flag is available in two editions and sizes. One edition is distributed in two sizes and has a numbered
certificate. The other one is a special, handmade edition, also in two different sizes, that comes in a box with a numbered and signed certificate. For special occasions the Flag can be produced in a monumental size.